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Stockholm (July 25th – July 31st)

Stockholm was the first stop in Europe on this part of the trip and I’m quite glad we went in July. Stockholm has such cold weather for so much of the year that the few months of beautiful skies are utilized to the fullest.

Here are the two things that stand out as defining my time in Stockholm.

10571102_10154344057850136_2061691280_o1. Stikki Nikki. This is one of my all time favorite gelato / ice cream places. They have unique flavors made in house almost every day, generous servings, and a texture that is so much better than other gelato I’ve had. For an idea of how epic they are, here is their most recent menu from their Facebook page: “Vegan cherry kokos cardamom sorbet, pistachio, raspberry nypon (vegan), coffee, mango sorbet, pumpkin, vegan chocolate lakrits, lemon rosemary, salt lakrits, hot chocolate, salt caramel, [and] NY style cheesecake”.

I took one spoonful of my mango sorbet, stopped walking, and said to Jay, “Holy crap, I’m gonna be sad when this is done.” When we went back for more a few hours later the girl behind the counter said that I was the second person that day to ask for it in a cup with a cone stuck in the top. She said she had never heard anyone order it that way before and I got to tell her that I was actually the first person to order it that way too.

2. Kafe Kajak. The walk to Kafe Kajak along the water and through the park was beautiful. There were yachts, outdoor restaurants, and people spending time outside. I even ran into some people slacklining. Kafe Kajak itself is a small cafe along the main water way where you can rent kayaks and get food. I really enjoyed being out on the water on such a nice day and to be able to see the famous buildings from new angles.

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