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Florence – Gelato, Gelato, Gelato (Sep 13th-18th)

We were in Florence for 4 and a half days and we got gelato 15 times at 8 different gelaterias.


I couldn’t possibly write an article about the best gelato in Florence. I haven’t been to every gelateria, nor have I tried every flavor. My tastes might be significantly different to yours. I don’t like chocolate bases, love Chocolate Chip, and have recently grown to really enjoy fruity flavors. In this post, all I can do is tell you which ones I enjoyed the most. I’d even say some of these were life changing.

the list.

The first few days we walked around and just ate whatever gelato looked good. It wasn’t until the third day that I did some research. I looked up about 5 blogs that claimed to list the best gelato in Florence. I wrote the places down in order of the number of lists they showed up in.

These are the ones that showed up in more than one:

  • Gelateria dei Neri x5
  • Vivoli x4 – Didn’t visit
  • Gelateria la Carraia x4
  • Badiani x3 – Didn’t visit
  • Grom x3
  • Carabe x2
  • Pereche No? x2
  • Galeteria della Passera x2 – Didn’t visit
  • Cantina del Gelato x2 – Didn’t visit

the best.

The gelateria that Jay and I both thought was the best around wasn’t even on this list. All the ones we went to from this list had good gelato but most didn’t make me stop and say “holy crap, this is the best ____ I’ve ever had.” These are the ones that did.

24Festival del Gelato. This was our favorite in Florence. I’m not sure why it isn’t on any of these lists. Perhaps people think it is too touristy since it is just south of the Duomo, but it was exceptional. We came here at least once a day and I tried a bunch of different flavors. The Peach here made my jaw drop. It had little bits of peach and a flavor that wasn’t too sugary but just a perfect peach taste. The best peach gelato I have ever had. The Strawberry also had bits in it and was the best strawberry I had in Florence.


29We went to Carraia a couple of times. The Cookies at Carraia was one of the mind blowing experiences. It was phenomenal. The consistency of the cookies was superb and all of the other flavors together brought me back after lunch and again after dinner.

 the rest.

And here are my thoughts on the other ones on the list that we went to.

At Gelateria dei Neri I got Strawberry, Straciatella, and Cookies. All of the flavors were quite solid choices and I was really happy with the taste. It was very quality gelato but nothing extraordinary.

Grom didn’t live up to the hype. I got Peach and Stracciatella and only remember being disappointed in the Peach. Having already experienced Festival del Gelato before coming here, Grom’s Peach was just too smooth and was a let down. I proceeded to finish my gelato from Grom on my walk to Festival del Gelato a few blocks away and walked right in and got some better Peach.

At Perche No? I had Cinnamon and Strawberry. I was pretty happy with the Cinnamon, but the Strawberry couldn’t compare to the ones at some other places.

I went to Carabe and got Stracciatella and Strawberry. Both were good, however neither blew me away.

final answer.

Moral of the story is that there are a lot of top lists for the “best gelato in Florence”. Almost all of the places listed are consistent across every list. The one standout we had that wasn’t on any list I saw was Festival del Gelato. Go there, be impressed, report back.

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